Swing Bed Program


The HHD Swing Bed Program enables you or your loved one to
recover here ‘at home’ after surgery or hospitalization and provides
a transition period between hospitalization and your return home.

Remember - you have a right to choose where you will recover.

Many times after surgery or hospitalization, a recuperation and strengthening period is needed before
returning home.

  • Are you getting ready for surgery?
  • Do you need extra time to increase your strength after a hospital stay?
  • Do you want to be closer to home while you recover?

Commom Questions

Do I have to qualify to be admitted to the Swing Bed Program?

Some qualifications include:

  • Ongoing skilled nursing
  • Ongoing rehabilitative services such as physical therapy after a joint/hip replacement or back surgery
  • Long term inpatient IV antibiotic therapy

What makes the Swing Bed Program unique to me?

  • A customized plan is developed just for you to meet the goals set forth by your physician and therapist
  • You must continue to show improvement on a daily basis
  • Ongoing discharge planning

What does a typical day look like?

  • Dress in your own clothes
  • Eat all meals in the dining room
  • Meet with the therapist(s)
  • Attend activities of your choosing
  • Visits with family and friends

Will I see a physician every day?

  • Your immediate need for physician contact is minimal. However, you will have access to and regular
    visits by a physician.

Print off this HHD Swing Bed Program brochure to give to your physician
when discussing your recovery options.

You can also contact us at (970)774-6123 for further information.



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