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Tom Atencio

Because I am new to Haxtun Hospital District, it may seem puzzling that I would choose to write about a subject that you would expect me to be unfamiliar with. However let me assure you, that while I may be new to this facility my regular visits to Haxtun Hospital have had a very beneficial effect in a life-threatening area of my life, the details of which shall remain unspoken.
However, I do choose to share my thoughts on the subject of community hospitals and their placement as a valued neighbor and friend. Haxtun Hospital District is more often than not an overlooked asset that is, as the saying goes; "out of sight, out of mind." While it is true that during your interaction with their staff for various illnesses, you are quite aware of the complex skills required for you to return as a productive member of your community and a loved family member. Upon leaving their care, you most likely engage in the obligatory expression of gratitude for their kindness and skill and then go on your way without any further thought given to this irreplaceable facet of life. Then life takes a twist and the next horrifying emergency or even minor adjustment to your physical well-being occurs.

May I be so bold as to propose another version of this "out of sight, out of mind" lifestyle? It would require very little effort and quite a bit of heart to let the Haxtun Hospital District know that they are appreciated and valued as you would value a close friend that you trust unquestionably, one that will always be there for you in your time of need. In this age of video games, hundreds of shadowy face book friends, and instant messaging a personal gesture by you, the members of this community, would extend a much welcomed acknowledgement of a job well done. That gesture being a handwritten note or a personal phone call to remind the staff that they are surrounded by those whose very lives are dependent upon the close proximity, skilled professionalism, and genuine concern displayed by your Haxtun Hospital District. Dare you imagine a life or death emergency with the closest facility being miles away instead of a few minutes.

Julia Liufau

Over the years, when visiting the Haxtun Hospital District Extended Care Unit to help my church with music or worship, it has always been very clean and pleasant smelling. This is not what I have experienced in many other similar facilities. When I was asked to volunteer to set and style the residents hair, the main reason I agreed is because I know that they maintain a wonderful facility. I am glad I said yes because giving my time to these ladies has given back to me in many ways and it is very rewarding to see how much it means to them.

Dennis and Lynda Hagemann

The care givers at the Haxtun Hospital, Clinic and Extended care Unit are much more than their titles, they are friends who really care about you.

Haxtun Hospital is a GREAT Place to get well, Nurses and All the staff are there for the patient. This ER is a Great Wonderful place to be in an emergency. Doctors, nurses, lab, and x-ray ALL in the same area. The food is very good, as is the housekeeping.

The Haxtun Family Clinic is a Very warm and friendly place to go. The Receptionists are wonderful and if you need appointments with other medical services someone is there to do this all for you. No worries.
The Nurses are very attentive to your personal situation.
The Doctors are wonderful caring people who care about your personal health and needs.
Have no real wait time to see a Doctor.

The Extended Care Unit is a wonderful place for a loved one. They Care about their feelings, health, understanding and are so helpful not only to the patient but to the family also. It is a wonderful feeling to now that a loved one is being treated with dignity. This facility calls the family to REPORT ANY changes. They stay right on top of Everything.

WE highly recommend this care center for ALL your health care needs. This facility gets a A+ from the Hagemann's

Lyle and Debbie McBride

Following a stroke, my Dad was bedridden and could not speak. We were told by his neurologist that he had three months to live and we needed to find a place where they could care for him during his last days. We lived on the Front Range, but wanted to find a facility in rural NE Colorado close to where he and my mom, Bette, owned a farm.

We made a visit to Long Term Care Unit. The facility was clean; the staff was welcoming and sincere. It didn't take long before we knew that we could entrust my Dad's care to them. We transferred Dad the next day and thanks to the loving and professional care he received from the dedicated staff, he was able to return home six months later, walking and talking. Having another nine years to spend with my dad was priceless. We can't thank you enough for everything you did. God bless you all.

Deann Knapp

My name is Deann and I am a Hospice nurse with Hospice of the Plains.
The Haxtun Hospital and Long Term Care Unit have shared several patients with us. The staff is always easy to work with, very professional and has the best interest of the patient in mind. The care they have given our patients has been very good and they are very willing to do whatever is necessary for the special care of Hospice patients.

Sandy Ivy

I am so grateful that Haxtun has such a loving long term care facility. The staff truly cares about the residents and take the time to visit and share while tending to their needs. They have also been exceptional in communicating with me about the health of my mom and previously my dad who unfortunately passed away a few months ago. When the nurses call with routine information, we end the conversation catching up on each other's families. When it is serious, they are factual with the information and we always end the call with a plan of action. Knowing that my Mom is in good hands makes it easier to live out of state. The staff at Haxtun Hospital District - Extended Care Unit are second to none and are a true blessing to all who are touched by them.